May 31, 2012

Aura Kasih Bugil dan Foto Bugil | SEO | Top Keyword Google Insight

If you worked as a trader of course you know the product that became top sellernya, as well as artists, many of infotainment, which says that A is the artist's most popular artists. That way, the product of a top seller or the artist who terpupoler is something that most often or most sought-after by people. In the world of the Internet was the key word or keyword is the most frequently searched by users search engines, especially Google can we know by using Google Insight Search.

As ever dijelasin by mas abi bakar "Google Insight Search is a site that Google provided to display the information most sought-after by the count of time, there was overall calculations from 2004 until now, 12 months, 90 days, 7 days per year, or calculation, all these calculations contain keywords / information of the most sought via Google ".

If you enter the keyword "BUGIL" and set the filter time to 2009, the state became Indonesia Google Insight Search provides information that the most frequent keywords searched by users search engines in the year 2009 are:

1. foto bugil
2. foto
3. indonesia bugil
4. artis bugil
5. artis

6. video bugil
7. video
8. cewek bugil
9. cewek
10. gambar bugil

As for the keyword or keywords that are growing so fast this ditahun than the previous year are:

1. aura kasih bugil +600%
aura kasih +600%
youtube +100%
vidio bugil +70%
sarah bugil +60%
6. sarah azhari bugil +50%
7. sarah azhari +50%
8. video bugil +40%
9. Video +40%
10. rahma azhari bugil +40%

The mean, that keyword aura kasih bugil in 2009 was up 600% from the previous year.

As for the city's most lots using the keyword Bugil in 2009 are:

1. South Sulawesi
North Sulawesi
DKI Jakarta
Central Java
DI Yogyakarta
7. South Sumatra
8. North Sumatra
9. East Java
10. West Java

By using Google Insight Search we can find growth and keywords of the most widely used from 2004 until now. For Bugil keywords in 2009, keywords that are most frequently used nude photos while keywords that have increased from previous years is the aura of love naked increased by 600%.

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