April 28, 2009

Police Likely to Drop Case In Dam Failure Tragedy

A month after the Situ Gintung reservoir disaster on March 27, police have yet to locate or name any suspects behind the tragedy, and the investigation will likely be dropped due the a lack of evidence, a police official said on Sunday.

“We have not yet found any criminal violations in this case, because there is no evidence as to negligence on this issue. But we will not drop the investigation yet,” National Police spokesman Chief Comr. I Ketut Untung Yoga Ana said.

This month leading Indonesian environmental watchdog, the Indonesian Forum for the Environment, or Walhi, reported six government officials to the police for suspected negligence that led to the Situ Gintung dam disaster, which killed at least 100 people.
The six officials — Public Works Minister Djoko Kirmanto, Banten Governor Ratu Atut, Ministry of Public Works Director General of Water Resources Iwan Nusyirwan, Tangerang district chief Ismet Iskandar, South Tangerang Mayor Muhammad Saleh, and Ciliwung and Cisadane River Management Agency Chief Pitoyo Subrandrio — were reported to the criminal unit of the National Police.

According to Berry Nahdian Furqon, executive director of Walhi, the officials were reported because they failed to make sure the dam was safe and there had been no maintenance work done on the artificial lake.

He also said reports of damage from the local residents had been ignored and no action had been taken to prepare for potential malfunctions in the dam’s structure.

The head of South Tangerang’s public works agency, Eddy Adolf Nicolas Malonda, was questioned by Jakarta Police early in April over the disaster.

Situ Gintung Dam Survivors Unable To Cast Ballots.

Confusion reigned around the site of the Situ Gintung reservoir disaster on Thursday, with close to half of the survivors who lost their homes unable — or unwilling — to vote.

It was around 7 a.m. when Burhanuddin, 42, and several other survivors of the dam burst arrived at polling station No. 30, just 200 meters from the Kertamukti camp for those displaced by the disaster in Banten Province. But within moments, they were all told that they could not vote.

“They are not on our voters list,” Eman Sulaeman, a Kertamukti election official, told the Jakarta Globe. “They are not residents of Kertamukti, so they are not listed here.”

Unlike the 2004 elections, this year voters were only allowed to cast their vote at the polling station which had their name listed. Voting anywhere else would have required a lengthy administrative process.

Burhanuddin and the others said they had no choice but to return to the camp without voting.

“We don’t know where our polling station is,” Burhanuddin said. “Nobody told us.”

On the eve of the elections, officials visited the camp and registered eligible voters, distributing official invitations that showed them where their polling station was located. However, there were numerous victims like Burhanuddin who did not receive an invitation and therefore did not know where they were supposed to go.

There were four polling stations set up around the Situ Gintung area for victims of the disaster — the Kertamukti polling station not being one of them — but they were all at least two kilometers away.

“I’d rather stay here [in Kertamukti] than vote,” said Sunyoto, 72, another victim. “It’s too far away.”

At polling station No. 23, the names of least 10 of those killed in the dam burst were still registered on the voters list. Syafruddin Nero, an election official at the station, said that only 181 of the 352 voters listed cast their votes.

On polling day, election officials provided a bus to take survivors to their respective polling stations. However, there were individuals like Sunyoto who refused to board the cramped bus.

Several others who did board the bus were taken to the wrong polling stations.

“I feel like a Ping-Pong ball, being tossed around like this,” another victim, Amin, 57, said.

A spokesman for the Banten General Elections Commission, or KPUD, confirmed that 48 percent of the survivors did not vote.

The Situ Gintung dam burst two weeks ago and a consequent flash flood claimed at least 100 lives and left another 1,000 people homeless.

Who is Manohara Odelia Pinot, Indonesian Model

Indonesian websites and socialite blogs are today buzzing with the big question: What really happened to Manohara, the darling of all Indonesia!


In 2008, the young Manohara Pinot, mix Indonesian and French, adopted two children - one with special needs - to be taken care of at her house. She calls Cannes her home and Jakarta her ‘new’ home but ended up in Kelantan as the wife of a prince who is said to be keeping her locked in the palace.

Prime Minister Najib Razak was spared the embarassement of answering to the questions of the eager and angry Indonesian press at a press conference at Jakarta during his brief visit to Indonesia. Reports from Indonesia indicates that the high profile model's case - which is one between a young husband and a too young wife - is a 'national' affair and can disrupt the good relationship between Indonesia and Malaysia.

Who is the beautiful model Manohara Pinot and what really happened to her?

Indonesian websites and socialite blogs are today buzzing with the big question: What really happened to Manohara, the darling of all Indonesia!
In some case, stories of how she is being mistreated at the Kelantan Palace by her husband is reported with crude details and a website even suggested that Manohara was not treated like a wife but like an object. "She was even made to have sex while in menstruation, which is unacceptable and a horrible thing to do," said the webmaster.

Reporters covering the press conference with Najib in Jakarta, after the leaders met at the presidential palace, were refused permission to ask about the case of 17-year-old Indonesian-American model Manohara Odelia Pinot.

A startling allegation recently surfaced in an Indonesian newspaper about a member of the Kelantan royal household, who is said to have 'abducted and abused' his 17-year-old Indonesian model wife (Manohara). According to the Surya newspaper, the family of Manohara Odelia Pinot are now in the dark as to her whereabouts and fear for her safety.They also claimed that the model, who was named as one of the country's top models by an international magazine, was cut with a razor blade by her husband.Her mother Daisy Fajarina said the royalty had forcefully taken her daughter away in a private jet from Saudi Arabia, where the family had gone to perform the umrah last month. Manohara started her love for fashion at an early age. She loves Roberto Cavalli dresses, Christian Louboutin shoes, Birkin bags, Audemars Piguet and Roger Dubuis watches just to name a few. A close source said that Manohara is exteremely down-to-earth, unlike any other women you see toting Birkins on Louboutin heels, “She is beautiful, outside and inside,” added our source.

Besides preparing to enroll in public relations major at a university in Jakarta, this soft-spoken young lady enjoys painting and writing in her free time. With beauty and grace that resemble Marella Agnelli, combined with such an impeccable manner, Manohara always looks effortlessly elegant and stunning.

She was a rising star and was really loved by the Indonesian people for her generosity and her image. Richly clad and in the company of rich personalities, she was once the girl friend of the son of one of the members of the rich and powerful Bakri family in Indonesia.

One story goes that she was involved with the Kelantan Prince at the age of 15 and was promised to be married to the prince who kept his promise last year when Manohara reached the age of 16.5.

It is also said that she wanted to be involved with the son of the Bakri family but had found out that the boy in question was involved with an Indonesian actress. This made her return to Kelantan where she got married and is said to have been living a sad life.

It is also said that she was introduced to the prince during a party where Najib Tun Razak was present.

Recriminations after NYC jet flyover photo op

NEW YORK (AP) — It was supposed to be a photo op that captured images of an Air Force One plane with a majestic Statue of Liberty in the background. Instead, it turned into a public relations nightmare that led to recriminations from the president and mayor and prompted thousands of others to ask, "What were they thinking?"

Just before the workday began on Monday, an airliner and supersonic fighter jet zoomed past the lower Manhattan skyline. Within minutes, startled financial workers streamed out of their offices, fearing a nightmarish replay of Sept. 11.
For a half-hour, the Boeing 747 and F-16 jet circled the Statue of Liberty and the Financial District near the World Trade Center site. Offices evacuated. Dispatchers were inundated with calls. Witnesses thought the planes were flying dangerously low.

But the flyover was nothing but a photo op, apparently one of a series of flights to get pictures of the plane in front of national landmarks.

It was carried out by the Defense Department with little warning, infuriating New York officials and putting the White House on the defense. Even Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn't know about it, and he later called it "insensitive" to fly so near the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The director of the White House military office, Louis Caldera, took the blame a few hours later. One of the planes was a 747 that is called Air Force One when used by the president.

"Last week, I approved a mission over New York. I take responsibility for that decision," Caldera said. "While federal authorities took the proper steps to notify state and local authorities in New York and New Jersey, it's clear that the mission created confusion and disruption. I apologize and take responsibility for any distress that flight caused."

When told of the flight, President Barack Obama was furious, a White House official said on the condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations.

Still, federal officials provided few details and wouldn't say why the public and area building security managers weren't notified. They also wouldn't address why someone thought it was a wise decision to send two jets into New York City, all for a few photos with the Statue of Liberty as a backdrop.

An administration official said the purpose of the photo op was to update file photos of the president's plane near the Lady Liberty.

This official said the White House military office told the Federal Aviation Administration that it was updating file photos of Air Force One near national landmarks. The official requested anonymity to give more details than the official White House announcement.

An Air Force combat photographer took pictures from one of the fighter jets, administration officials said.

The photo op was combined with a training exercise to save money, according to another administration official who also spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to speak publicly about the behind-the-scenes discussions about the flight.

The FAA notified the New York Police Department of the flyover, telling them photos of the Air Force One jet would be taken about 1,500 feet above the Statue of Liberty around 10 a.m. Monday. It had a classified footnote that said, "Information in this document shall not be released to the public or the media."

"Why the Defense Department wanted to do a photo op right around the site of the World Trade Center catastrophe defies the imagination," Bloomberg said. "Poor judgment would be a nice way to phrase it. ... Had I known about it, I would have called them right away and asked them not to."

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said typically a flight like this would be publicized to avoid causing a panic, but they were under orders not to in this case. They regularly get requests for flyovers, but without secrecy restrictions.

The FAA also alerted an official in the mayor's office, but he didn't tell Bloomberg, who said he first learned about it when his "BlackBerry went off crazy with people complaining about it."

The Bloomberg official who was notified was Marc Mugnos, director of operations for the Office of Citywide Event Coordination and Management. Mugnos didn't immediately respond to questions about why he didn't tell the mayor; Bloomberg's spokesman Stu Loeser issued a statement saying: "He has been reprimanded and a disciplinary letter will be placed in his file."

Workers in lower Manhattan were stunned by what they saw.

John Leitner, a floor trader at the New York Mercantile Exchange Building, said about 1,000 people "went into a total panic" and ran out of the building around 10 a.m. after seeing the planes whiz by.

"We were informed after we cleared out of there," Leitner said. "I kind of think heads should roll a little bit on that."

Employees of the Wall Street Journal also left their desks to see what was going on.

Kathleen Seagriff, a staff assistant, said workers heard the roar of the engines and then saw the planes from their windows.

"They went down the Hudson, turned around and came back by the building," she said. "It was a scary scene, especially for those of us who were there on 9/11."

Air Force spokesman Vince King said the "photo mission" involved one of two VC-25 aircraft. The aircraft is part of the Presidential Airlift Wing, based at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland.

The F-16 jet that flew alongside came from the D.C. National Guard's 113th fighter wing.

April 26, 2009

Madonna named Hollywood's hardest working mum

NEW YORK (Reuters) - With earnings of $110 million (74.8 million pounds) in 2008, Madonna topped Forbes' list of Hollywood's hardest working mothers, followed by actresses Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pop singer and mother of three, who was recently turned down in her bid to adopt a second child from Malawi, grossed $105 million on her tour and sold nearly a million albums in the United States. Madonna also signed several lucrative endorsement deals last year, according to
"She had an incredible year in 2008," said Lauren Streib who helped to compile the list that was released on Friday.

"She had the top tour of any musician...The tour sold out around the world. So it wasn't surprising as much as it is a commentary on how successful her year was," she said.

Witherspoon, who earned an estimated $24 million last year, was second on the list, followed closely behind by Paltrow with $20 million in earnings.

In addition to her film career and raising daughter Ava and son Deacon, Witherspoon, who is divorced from actor Ryan Phillippe, is also the international spokeswoman for the cosmetics company Avon.

Paltrow's role in the blockbuster comic book film "Iron Man," which earned $580 million worldwide, and her endorsements for Estee Lauder and shoe and handbag maker Tod's propelled her to the third spot.

Streib said the list is based on estimated earnings of Hollywood mothers with at least one child. Earnings include album sales, salaries, box-office grosses and endorsements and licensing deals.

She added that for many of the women on the list endorsement deals are a significant part of their earnings.

"I think this is something that has been going on for decades now. We are seeing less and less models and more and more celebrity spokespeople. It is a big part of the business of being a celebrity," she added.

Mother of three Julia Roberts, who returned to the big screen in a starring role in the film "Duplicity," captured the fourth spot on the list, while actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who has a son with husband Matthew Broderick, rounded out the top five.

Angelina Jolie, who has six children but still earned $14 million last year, came in sixth, followed by model and television presenter Heidi Klum, who is pregnant with her fourth child.

Best actress Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, who has two children, and singer and mother of three Faith Hill also made the list, which is posted at

British billionaires lose big in rich list

LONDON (Reuters) - British-based steel magnate Lakshi Mittal leads the list of the country's billionaires who've lost the most in the economic downturn, seeing his wealth plummet 61 percent, a survey shows.

As the number of billionaires in the United Kingdom fell by more than 40 percent to 43 from 75 in a year, Mittal's fortune slumped by some 17 billion pounds, the Sunday Times newspaper reported in an annual survey on Saturday.
The country's richest 1,000 lost a total of 155 billion pounds last year, with steel and mining magnates like Mittal among the worst hit, the Sunday Times Rich List 2009 showed.

Despite that, Mittal retained his place as the country's richest man with an estimated fortune of 10.8 billion pounds.

Roman Abramovich, the Chelsea football club owner, who has steel and other investment interests, remained second with 7 billion pounds, down more than 40 percent.

The richest British-born billionaire, the Duke of Westminster, remained third on the list, with his largely property-based portfolio falling by a modest 7 percent to 6.5 billion pounds.

An influx of European and American bargain hunters, taking advantage of a weakened pound, helped boost the income of some retailers including Mohamed al-Fayed, owner of the luxury London store Harrods.

His estimated fortune rose by 17 percent to 650 million pounds.

At the other end of the shopping experience, Ken Morrison, president of the supermarket Morrisons, saw his fortune rise 11 percent to 1.6 billion pounds.

Online betting also benefited, with Peter and Denise Coates, owners of the online sports betting Web site Bet365, seeing their wealth rise by 33 percent to 400 million pounds.

Collectively, the 1,000 multi-millionaires in the list saw their wealth fall by 37 percent. They are worth 258 billion pounds, down from last year's record total of 413 billion pounds.

The annual list is based on identifiable wealth, including land, property and other items such as art, racehorses or significant shares in publicly quoted companies, but does not include bank accounts.

The full list of the richest 1,000 in Britain is released on Sunday.

Swine flu epidemic fear grows

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Governments around the world rushed on Sunday to check the spread of a new type of swine flu that has killed up to 81 people in Mexico and infected around a dozen in the United States.

Mexicans huddled in their homes while U.S. hospitals tracked patients with flu symptoms and other countries imposed health checks at airports as the World Health Organisation warned the virus had the potential to become a pandemic.
The epidemic has snowballed into a monster headache for Mexico, already grappling with a violent drug war and economic slowdown, and has quickly become one of the biggest global health scares in years.

Mexico's tourism and retail sectors could be badly hit. A new pandemic would deal a major blow to a world economy already suffering its worst recession in decades.

In New Zealand, 10 pupils from an Auckland school party that had returned from Mexico were being treated for influenza symptoms in what health authorities said was a likely case of swine flu, although they added none was seriously ill.

The WHO declared the flu a "public health event of international concern." WHO Director-General Dr. Margaret Chan urged greater worldwide surveillance for any unusual outbreaks of influenza-like illness.

"(We are) monitoring minute by minute the evolution of this problem across the whole country," Mexican President Felipe Calderon said as health officials counted suspected infections in six states from the tropical south to the northern border.

While all the deaths so far have been in Mexico, the flu is spreading in the United States. Eleven cases were confirmed in California, Kansas and Texas, and eight schoolchildren in New York City caught a type A influenza virus that health officials say is likely to be the swine flu.

The new flu strain, a mixture of various swine, bird and human viruses, poses the biggest risk of a large-scale pandemic since avian flu surfaced in 1997, killing several hundred people. A 1968 "Hong Kong" flu pandemic killed about 1 million people globally.

New flu strains can spread quickly because no one has natural immunity to them and a vaccine takes months to develop.


Countries across Asia, which have had to grapple with deadly viruses like H5N1 bird flu and SARS in recent years, snapped into action. At airports and other border checkpoints in Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan, officials screened travellers for any flu-like symptoms.

In China, officials assured people that conventional measures in place were adequate to contain the new threat.

"The measures we've been taking against bird flu are effective for this new type of disease," said Wang Jing of the China Inspection and Quarantine Science Research Institute, in comments carried by state media.

Argentina declared a health alert, requiring anyone arriving on flights from Mexico to advise if they had flu-like symptoms.

Russia imposed curbs on meat imports from Mexico, some U.S. states and the Caribbean, while the United Arab Emirates said it was considering similar action.

In Brussels, the European Commission said no cases of the new swine flu had been reported so far in Europe. "Until now we have no reported cases in Europe. We are following very closely the situation as it evolves," a spokeswoman for the European Union executive said.

In France, two people returning from Mexico who had flu-like symptoms were being tested, French public health director Didier Houssin told RTL radio.

A French health ministry spokeswoman said there were two unconfirmed cases but declined to give further details.

A British Airways cabin crew member was taken to hospital in London after developing flu-like symptoms on a flight from Mexico, but tests later cleared him of swine flu.

Mexican Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said the swine flu had killed at least 20 and possibly as many as 81 people in Mexico, and more than 1,300 people were being tested for suspected infection. Most of the dead were aged 25 to 45, a worrying sign because a hallmark of past pandemics has been high fatalities among healthy young adults.


In the crowded Mexican capital of 20 million people museums were closed and public events scrapped, from concerts to a running race. Sunday soccer matches were closed to spectators.

Locals hoarded bottled water and canned food, churchgoers were told to stay home and follow Sunday services on television and bewildered tourists were made to wear surgical face masks.

"It's all a bit alarming because as a tourist you don't know if you're going to be allowed home. It's worrying because there's not much information," said 29-year-old Sandy Itriago, waiting at a tour bus stop with her parents.

Nightclubs closed on Saturday night along with stadiums and cinemas. At least one open bar stationed medics at its doors to check clients' throats and take their temperatures.

All schools in the city, Mexico State and San Luis Potosi were closed until May 6 and some companies planned to have employees work from home.

(Additional reporting by Stephanie Nebehay and Jonathan Lynn in Geneva, Darren Ennis in Brussels, Maggie Fox in Washington, Tan Ee Lyn in Hong Kong and Mica Rosenberg and Michael O'Boyle in Mexico City; Editing by Richard Balmforth)

Cowell to Boyle: "Get yourself together"

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Television's Simon Cowell said on Friday he was embarrassed at his initial reaction to singing sensation Susan Boyle, but warned that just because she is a hit with fans, she is not a winner yet.

Cowell, the creator and a judge on "Britain's Got Talent," said he was fed up with stories about the hair, eyebrows and cats of the never-married 47-year-old Boyle, and he urged her to focus now on winning the television talent competition.
"She has got four weeks to prepare for the biggest night of her life, and she has got to sing better than she sang before with all those expectations on her. But it could all go horribly wrong for her because there are so many other distractions," Cowell told TV reporters in Los Angeles.

"Get yourself together sweetheart for the big one -- the semi-final. Shut the door, choose the right song and come back as who you are, not who you want to be," he said.

Boyle, a spinster who lives alone with her cat, became one of the world's hottest celebrities last week after surprising judges with her rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" on the popular talent show. Her performance has been watched over 50 million times on YouTube.

"We were all guilty on the panel of judging her before she sang, and we got it utterly wrong. You watch it back and it is embarrassing," said Cowell, who is well-known as the acid-tongued judge on TV talent contest "American Idol."

"Britain's Got Talent" is open to anyone regardless of age or performing skills. It has 40 versions worldwide and the fourth season of the U.S. version, "America's Got Talent," kicks off on NBC on June 23.

"I am seriously thinking now we should hold two more open auditions (of "America's Got Talent") off the back of Susan Boyle. You don't have to be a singer who is 47 and never been kissed, but just someone who says 'I think I am talented, and I don't think people are going to judge me because of the way I look'," he said.

Recording executive Cowell, who has an option to sign Boyle if she wins the talent show, shuttles weekly between Los Angeles and London as the judge on "American Idol" and "Britain's Got Talent."

But he dismissed suggestions that his life was stressful. "It's only stress when it doesn't work," he said. "I don't feel under any stress whatsoever when something like the Susan Boyle thing emerges. It is honestly the best feeling in the world."

Paedofilia, Sexual Crimes Need a skeptical

Healthy spiritual means health physical. But not on paedofilia, namely those who prefer the small children to wreak seksualnya appetite. Who are they ?

Sex consultant Dr Ferryal Loetan ASC & T SpRM MKes-MMR said, paedofilia are men or women interested in the hearts of adult sexual or with small children who have not yet indicate sexuality.
Ferryal said, paedofilia is a sexual aberration (and kejiwaan) on someone who has interest to children below the age. Paedofilia word is derived from the Greek term meaning paidophilia namely pais (child) and philia (love, friendship).

“People paedofilia not limited to one sex only. Generally, they are interested in children who have not yet entered puberty,” a doctor who practices at the Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta this.

He also said that many factors that can be the cause of the paedofilia. One of them, the sufferer is a person who has introvert or closed.

“People have this tendency paedofilia afraid to mingle with the people who contemporaneous with it. They will find the smaller and younger, so can be affected,” he said.

He explains, there is no age limit on people paedofilia. This means people can be aged just how, even further. People paedofilia not only experienced by those who do not have a partner. This can happen because the pair have already even have children. Ferryal states, the trend paedofilia many experienced men.

“Generally, a paedofilia have official. This is done so that other people do not suspect,” he said.

A paedofilia has several unique attributes, namely obsessive, a paedofilia will know all things related to the victims. Paedofilia also predatori namely the frontier will make all efforts to pursue and how victims of interest. The paedofilia in Indonesia, many using the mask adoption or foster parents to ensnare victims.

“A person who suffers paedofilia this kejiwaan usually have a less stable and easy to change. They do a variety of ways to achieve goals,” said the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, psychologists from the University of Indonesia, Zoya Dianaesthika Amirin MPsi or Amirin MPsi said Zoya, a paedofilia not able to have a true partner.

Because build interpersonal relationships with fellow adults can not afford. In addition, he stated, the average sufferer paedofilia young adults aged up to (more than 25 years).

Zoya also explains, paedofilia including paraphilia, or deviant sexual behavior. The cause because the failure occurred when the individual adjustment with the social environment, failed to build interpersonal relationships.

“Special people paedofilia, they have trauma or disappointed and can not coping (overcome), so choose the seksualitasnya individuals with a weak and easy learning as a small child,” said Zoya.

Karapan Madura

We do not know karapan (kerabhan) cattle. Spectacle compete muscle strength and speed of cattle in Madura, so enthralling. But who knows, a cow-calf was treated very brave contrary, spoiled once tortured?

Cattle karapan become the pride of the owners who will do anything to beef always rulead. Included in fondle them and make life so comfortable cow unbelievable. How not comfortable, if a cow has always clean rooms.
Of course, to the size of a cow, a room is always clean and free from dirt. Every time there is dirt removed immediately clear. Not only that, in the buttocks do not have a cow was tlethong, because diligent cebok. To be more comfortable again, an animal that flies or mosquitoes entering the room would be outcast by tokang obu, who paid a special treat for the cattle.

Tokang obu it also served to squeeze, turn and bathe cattle each day. Not infrequently cow-calf wherefore it up twice a day. “If not so, the cow-calf because of the heat that herbal medicine is a warm body,” said Salam, the owner of a cattle karapan.

Massage and running, he said, is that musculature cow is not rigid and blood flow smoothly. Each day of cow-calf was also removed from the cage dried. Not to mix medicine with 25 eggs grated turmeric, ginger, ginger, keyword, sugar, soda and beverages that are given twice a week.

However, all the pleasures that must be paid for cattle by chastisement run. Cow-calf is on the pain, and bleeding pantatnya. The red liquid drip due to nails scratching the jockey that is planted on the wooden handle, such as scars. Not only that. Eyes, buttocks, which injured, and around the anus hole smeared cow vinegar, chili, and balsam.

In addition to nail that is planted on a stick along about 15 centimeters, the part of the cow is tied with wood that also nails. When ran, tail, which are the wood fern fluctuates, and puncture the skin around the anus cow.

Cow-calf is visible cigarettes, legs shake and sniff repeatedly. No wonder if every pair of cow karapan must be held by many people to flee and not so vain.

In such conditions, it is not clear whether each pair of cow karapan, ran as muscle strength or because you want to drop from the pain. Can be so, the pair will diadu cattle several times. This means that the cow-calf will have to be painful treatment repeated. Without the burden of thought, so after the race, the owners of cattle directly heal the wound, although the action is a new cause pain. How, the injured oil drops, liquid containing alcohol and easily evaporate. Or drops of hot water mixed with salt. With liquids that wound believed to be dry and recover quickly.

Some cattle owners in the District Multan karapan actually agree with karapan without violence. Salam, the owner of cattle Son Se but Saleh, the owner of Pan Tossa and P Elma, the owner of Pan Abantal waves Asapok Wind states, they do not mind violence are eliminated.

“Origin is not using all the nails and other violence. If it is not unequivocal, the only use, not one, it can not, because that does not use nails would be injured,” said P Elma, residents Murtajih, Subdistrict Pademawu. According to a civil servant who was also at the New Creep East, Multan, in fact, not all cattle suitable to use violence. There is also a cow that would not flee if accountability moment. “Therefore, I agree if there are rules karapan cow does not allow the use of nails,” he said.

Cultural notes from stakeholders in Madura, torture is a culture of irregularities that occurred since the original owner involved the sharingl. Karapan which was held in a relaxed for entertainment after the harvest, changed into something that stretch. Especially after the stake involved.

Chairman of the Foundation for this Madduh, Multan, Madura, H Kutwa, acknowledge the deviations from the karapan. He hopes, karapan beef returned to the origin of the tradition that is far from the violence. “I also do not accept that karapan cow is the element of violence in animals. Even when I was small, there is no karapan using nails,” he said.

University Vice Rector I Madura (Unira), it Multan, said, the emergence of torture in cattle around the 1980s. It is estimated, the use of nails and other violence because of the severity of competition. “So how is also used exceeds the limit competition like that. Therefore, if what the best tradition of cattle karapan returned to the origin complain that only beef muscle strength,” he said.

Microsoft suffers first sales dip

Microsoft has said sales in the first three months of 2009 fell 6% from the previous year - its first quarterly drop in 23 years as a public company.

The world's largest software maker said profit dropped by 32% to $2.98bn (£2bn). Sales slipped to $13.65bn.
Microsoft makes most of its profit selling the Windows operating system and business software such as Office.

However demand has been hit by falling sales of personal computers as consumers and businesses trim spending.

Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer told the BBC World Service that its results had been "impacted" by the downturn in the world economy.

He also admitted the company would have had less total sales "than we would have had before the downturn".

"We expect the weakness to continue through at least the next quarter," said the firm's chief financial officer, Chris Liddell.

Microsoft - which became a public company in 1986 - has been looking at ways of cutting costs.

In January, it said it would cut up to 5,000 jobs over the next 18 months, including 1,400 immediately.

'Controlling costs'

Microsoft's fall in profit was more severe than analysts had been expecting.

"There's stuff to be happy with - they're controlling costs and getting that under control," said Kim Caughey, a senior analyst with Fort Pitt Capital. "The bad thing is demand and consumer preference seems to have affected their top line."

Shares in Microsoft rose by 4% in after-hours trading - possibly reassured by comments from the firm that it was on track to release the next version of its operating system, Windows 7, during its 2010 financial year.

Cameron vows government 'thrift'

Conservative leader David Cameron is to say he plans to "replace Labour's spendaholic government with a new government of thrift".

Mr Cameron will tell his party's spring forum in Gloucestershire later that cutting wasteful spending will not be enough to save the UK's finances.

What is needed is a "complete change of direction" across government and the public sector, he will say.
Mr Cameron is also challenging Gordon Brown to hold a TV debate with him.

The Tory leader made that challenge - something he has done before without success - in an interview with the Sunday Times.

He is using the spring forum, being held at Cheltenham racecourse in Gloucestershire, to set out his priorities for a general election campaign, which could be less than a year away.

'Change of direction'

Responding to the dire state of the public finances revealed in Wednesday's Budget, he will say Britain is entering a "new age of austerity" and there needs to a "complete change of direction" at the top.

He will argue for a "whole new, never-been-done-before approach to the way the country is run".

He will tell delegates: "Cutting out spending we can do without is not going to deliver the scale of change we need. "Delivering more for less, on a sustained and long-term basis, cannot just be about top-down cuts imposed by ministers. We need a massive culture change at every level of government, so the state is no longer casual, but careful, with public money."

He will list examples of public sector waste and attack what he says is the culture in government that "prizes profligacy over prudence".

"With a Conservative government, if ministers want to impress the boss, they'll have to make their budgets smaller, not bigger.

"On my watch it will be simple: if you do more for less you get promoted; if you do less for more, you get sacked.

"If we'd had this approach over the last 12 years, I don't suppose there'd be a single minister left."

He will say the "culture of thrift" must also apply to the civil service, promising "a new fiduciary responsibility on senior civil servants - a contractual obligation to save the taxpayer money" and a "proper finance director" for every government department.

Top tax rate

The Conservatives are using the spring conference to launch what is likely to be a key policy at the general election - extending the city academy programme to primary schools.

They will be hoping this will head off any rows over the new 50% top rate of income tax after Mr Cameron said it would not be a priority to cut it if the Tories win the election.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has said he would scrap the top rate but has so far managed to avoid being drawn into public criticism of Mr Cameron at the conference. He made a typically colourful speech at a rally for Tory election candidates, in a room below the one of the main stands at the racecourse, telling them - to loud cheers - "break your piggy bank and put it on the jockey wearing blue" and saying "the Labour animal is knackered".

He has also denied, in an interview with the ConservativeHome website, a report in the Times' that he "despised" Mr Cameron, saying the report was "obvious tripe" and "fantasy".

He also played down recent reports that he is planning to be prime minister saying that being London mayor is "almost certainly my last big job in British politics".

The Conservatives have said they want to make savings through spending cuts rather than tax rises if they get into power, which they argue would slow down any economic recovery.

They have not said where any cuts will fall, beyond saying that health, schools, defence and international development will be protected from cuts in 2009 and 2010.

For 2010 to 2011 they only have two commitments - real terms increases in health spending and matching Labour's 2013 target for 0.7% of GDP to be spent on overseas aid.

Pressed on where cuts would come under a Conservative government, shadow foreign secretary William Hague told BBC Radio 5 Live: "Most of those will have to be set out when we are in government.

"Some others may be set out before the election. I'm not going to set them out casually on a Sunday morning... We haven't done all the work on how we would change public spending, of course not."

April 25, 2009

Rahma Azhari Dan 14 Bule

foto rahma azhari dan buleRahma Azhari emang ga’ lepas dari Gosip Artis yang berhubungan ama foto-foto seksi plus foto hot. Kali ini bakal dibagi nie foto Rahma Azhari dengan berbagai lelaki, yang punya status sama, Bule boo.. Secara, Rahma sendiri pernah curhat kalo pengen hidup di luar negeri kaya’ Ayu Azhari khan?

Foto Artis Merokok

artis merokokArtis merokok mungkin udah jadi gosip panas biasa yach. Soalnya, udah banyak kalangan selebriti yang ngerokok dengan diketahui publik maupun sembunyi-sembunyi. Meski ngerokok jadi pilihan hidup, tapi setidaknya mereka udah tau

Bahaya Merokok yach. ;-)

Ehmm, coba dee intipss beberapa temen artis yang pernah akrab sama rokok, yang entah masih akrab sampai sekarang atau udah berhenti. :-)

Foto Artis Merokok :

Foto Bunga Citra Lestari Merokok

Bunga Citra Lestari Merokok

Bunga Citra Lestari : Artis kelahiran 22 Maret 1983 ‘n akrab dipanggil BCL. Sudah berstatus nyonyah dari Ashraf Sinclair. Lagi Hits dengan Lagu Hanya Untukmu

Foto Laudya Cintya Bella Merokok

Laudya Cintya Bella Merokok

Laudya Chintya Bella : Artis kelahiran Jakarta, 24 Februari 1988 ‘n akrab dipanggil Bella. Lagi Hits dengan gosip pacar baru ama Chico Jericho

Foto Dian Sastro Merokok

Dian Sastro Merokok

Dian Sastro Wardoyo : Artis kelahiran Jakarta 16 Maret 1982 ‘n akrab dipanggil Dian Sastro. Lagi Hits sama Gosip pacaran ama Indraguna Sutowo.

Foto Ratu Felisha Merokok

Ratu Felisha Merokok

Ratu Felisha : Artis kelahiran 16 Oktober 1982 ‘n akrab dipanggil Felli. Udah jadi nyonyah dari Julls Kursten. Lagi Hits ama Tato Cewek di tubuh Felli.

Foto Wulan Guritno Merokok

Wulan Guritno Merokok

Wulan Lorraine Guritno : Artis kelahiran London, Inggris, 14 April 1980 ‘n akrab dipanggil Wulan. Udah berstatus Nyonyah dari Adilla Dimitri. Lagi hits ama koleksi Foto Pernikahan Wulan Guritno.

Foto Nadia Rachel Merokok

Nadia Rachel Merokok

Nadia Rachel : Artis yang Hits ama sinetron Catatan Akhir Sekolah, Dunia Tanpa Koma, VJ MTV, Demi Cinta.

Foto Ayushita Merokok

Ayushita Merokok

Ayu Sita Widyastuti Nugraha : Artis kelahiran Jakarta, 9 Juni 1989 ‘n akrab dipanggil Ayushita. Lagi Hits ama Lagu Tuhan Berikan Aku Cinta di Ketika Cinta Bertasbih.

Foto Intan Ayu Merokok

Intan Ayu Merokok

Intan Ayu Purnama : Artis kelahiran Jakarta, 16 Januari 1985 ‘n akrab dipanggil Intan Ayu. Pernah Hits di sinetron Disini Ada Setan.

Foto Sherina Munaf Merokok

Sherina Munaf Merokok

Sinna Sherina Munaf : Artis kelahiran Bandung, Jawa Barat, 11 Juni 1990 ‘n akrab dipanggil Sherina. Hits dengan potongan rambut pendeknya yang ala Tren Rambut 2009

Foto Luna Maya Merokok

Luna Maya Merokok

Luna Maya : Artis kelahiran Denpasar, Bali, 26 Agustus 1983 ‘n akrab dipanggil Luna. Hampir berstatus nyonyah dari Aril Peterpan karena Gosip Luna Maya - Ariel Peterpan Menikah Di Bali.

Foto Zaskia Adya Mecca Merokok

Zaskia Adya Mecca Merokok

Zaskia Adya Mecca : Artis kelahiran Jakarta, 8 September 1987 ‘n akrab dipanggil Zaskia. Lagi Hits ama Gosip Putus Cinta dari Hanung Bramantyo.

Chee - U .^_^.

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SBY Meminta, PKS Segera Sodorkan Nama Cawapres

Musyawarah Majelis Syuro PKS yang membahas evaluasi pemilu 2009 dan penentuan koalisi partai hingga malam ini masih berlangsung. Dari 99 Majelis Syuro, baru beberapa daerah yang memaparkan pandangannya tentang rencana koalisi.

Ketua Fraksi PKS Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (DPR), Mahfudz Siddiq mengatakan, hingga saat ini PKS belum menentukan arah koalisi. Ini juga termasuk memberikan sejumlah nama untuk menjadi cawapres Ketua Dewan Pembina Partai Demokrat SBY.

PKS akan memberikan nama cawapres bila diminta langsung oleh SBY. "Agenda lanjutan harus dibicarakan bersama peserta koalisi. Untuk posisi, diserahkan sepenuhnya oleh SBY. Kalau SBY minta nama ke PKS, kita akan ambil dari delapan nama yang disepakati," ujar Mahfudz di sela-sela Musyawarah di Hotel Bumi Karsa, Bidakara, Jl Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan, Sabtu (25/4/2009)

Saat ditanya mengenai manuver PAN yang mengajukan Mensesneg Hatta Rajasa sebagai calon pendamping SBY, Mahfudz menilai itu sebagai hak partai yang tidak akan membuat risau partainya.

"Itu hak partai, masih belum clear. PKS tidak risau dengan soal itu karena semuanya diserahkan kembali sepenuhnya ke SBY. Kami tidak akan serahkan nama. Saya yakin SBY sudah punya orang di kepalanya hanya tidak mau disebut saja," jelasnya.

Mahfudz mengaku selama ini dia berhubungan baik dengan Hatta Rajasa. "Komunikasi kami sudah baik, tapi dalam kapasitas sebagai pribadi dan Mensesneg, tidak sebagai fungsionaris PAN," pungkasnya.
( mok / mok )

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Foto Seksi - Foto Dugem Aura Kasih

aura kasihAura Kasih emang ga’ ada abisnya kena gosip panas soal keseksian. Dara Bandung yang ngaku nyaman pake’ tank top ini lagi jadi bahan obrolan di forum-forum karena menyebarnya Foto Panas - Foto Dugem Aura Kasih. :-O

Siapa yang ga’ kenal dengan penyanyi seksi Aura Kasih.

Penyanyi yang di Lagu Jangan Bilang Siapa-siapaAliya Sachi nge-gandeng ini ngetop gara-gara tubuh seksi dan suara yang juga seksi :-)

Foto Seksi Aura Kasih :

aura kasih

aura kasih

(foto aura kasih lagi tidur dan foto aura kasih seksi di video klip mari bercinta yang dicekal)

Foto Dugem Aura Kasih :

aura kasih

Chee-U .^_^.

via forumkami

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Penampakan Iklan SCTV


Heboh penampakan konser D’masiv di Papua ternyata diikuti tayangan media. Dari blog tetangga, ada pemberitaan tentang penampakan iklan sctv. Iklan Media Promosi SCTV “Satu Untuk Semua” ini kedatangan 2 kuntilanak :-O

Pihak PH (Production House) pembuat iklan yang dikonfirmasi baru sadar kalo iklan yang udah lama tayang itu terdapat keganjilan. Hasilnya, tayangan iklan itu jarang lagi tampil ‘n hanya bisa dilihat usai berita malam SCTV, kira-kira pukul 23.00 - 00.00.



Chee-U .^_^.

thanx to rujakmanis

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Model Indonesia Manohara Di Culik Pangeran Malaysia

Manohara Odelia PinotModel Indonesia Manohara Di Culik Pangeran Malaysia jadi gosip panas yang lagi rame. Daisy Fajarina dan Dewi, ibu dan sodara Manohara Odelia Pinot buka suara dihadapan media setelah upaya hukum yang dilakukan nol besar tanpa hasil. ;-(

Putri Daisy Fajarina diculik orang yang ga’ lain adalah suami Manohara sendiri yang juga menantunya, Pangeran Tengku Muhammad Fakhry. Kejadian penculikan Manohara terjadi di Bulan Maret lalu di Bandara Malaysia dalam perjalanan menuju Indonesia.

Manohara Odelia Pinot di tarik 4 orang tak dikenal saat berada di depan tangga pesawat dan mereka menutup paksa pintu pesawat. Model indonesia itu lantas dibawa pergi dengan pesawat jet. Sedang pesawat yang akan membawa keluarga Manohara ke Indonesia siap lepas landas.

Foto Manohara Odelia Pinot, Deasy Fajarina dan Dewi :

Manohara Odelia Pinot

Deasy, ibunda Manohara akhirnya membagi kisah pilunya dihadapan media ditemani Dewi, salah satu saudara sang model.

“Saya panik. Saya ga’ berfikiran buruk sama anak menantu saya. Saya kira malah pangeran yang akan diculik. Saya malah sempat tereak minta tolong ada pangeran diculik. Tidak taunya malah anak saya yang diculik.”

Penculikan Model asal indonesia ini diawali dari Pernikahan Manohara Odelia Pinot dengan Tengku Muhammad Fakhry yang ga’ harmonis. Pernikahan ini udah menjurus pada KDRT. Deasy sendiri ga’ nyangka kalo pernikahan putrinya dengan Putra Raja Kelantan Malaysia ini berantakan.

“Bulan Agustus tahun 2008, saya diundang datang ke Kuala Lumpur untuk memperkenalkan Manohara pada Raja Kelantan. Waktu itu Manohara memang sudah dekat sama pangeran. Setelah Raja lihat, mereka langsung merencanakan pernikahan 1 minggu kemudian. Nah, setelah menikah itu, ada hal prinsip yang dialami Manohara. Model blasteran Indonesia Perancis itu hanya dianggap sebagai properti dan ga’ punya hak apapun.”

Foto Manohara Odelia Pinot :

Manohara Odelia Pinot

Sampai akhirnya Manohara kabur dari Istana Kelantan. Gadis 17 taon itu memilih pergi ke Indonesia buat ketemu ibunya dan konsultasi dengan seorang dokter. Dan, dari keterangan dokter itu diungkap bahwa dalam pernikahan Manohara dan Pangeran memang ada kekerasan.

“Anak saya disiksa, di bagian dadanya disilet-silet. Itu yang ngomong dari pihak dalam istana yang punya hati nurani dan nggak tega melihat penderitaan anak saya,”

“Saya juga ada bukti rekaman atas penyiksaan yang diterima oleh putri saya,”

Deasy sendiri ngaku udah lapor ke segala pihak, tapi tetap saja buntu. Bahkan, Imigrasi Malaysia mencekal kehadiran Deasy dan keluarga.

“Saya minta tolong, kalau bisa ke Bapak Presiden. Mudah - mudahan hatinya terketuk melihat kami. Tolong bela kami. Pertemukan saya dengan Manohara. Saya sudah rindu”.

Chee-U .^_^.

Sumber: Model Indonesia Manohara Di Culik Pangeran Malaysia - Oktavita.Com

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry

tengku muhammad fakhryNama Tengku Muhammad Fakhry jadi ngetop di gosip artis indonesia karena kasus Penculikan Manohara Odelia Pinot yang juga adalah isterinya sendiri. Bukan hanya penculikan, KDRT bahkan pelecehan seksual pun diduga dilakukan temenggong kelantan itu pada model asal indonesia ini :-S

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra atau biasa disebut dengan gelarnya YAM Tengku Temenggong Kelantan adalah putra ketiga Raja Kelantan Malaysia.

Istri Tengku Muhammad Fakhry adalah model asal indonesia keturunan Perancis bernama Manohara Odelia Pinot yang bergelar YAM Cik Puan Temenggong Kelantan. :-)

Profil Tengku Muhammad Fakhry :

  • Nama Lengkap : Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Petra

  • Tanggal Lahir : 7 April 1978

  • Gelar Kerajaan : YAM Tengku Temenggong Kelantan

  • Nama Isteri : Manohara Odelia Pinot

  • Nama Ayah : HH Sultan ISMAIL II Petra Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Yahya Petra Shah

  • Nama Ibu : HH Tengku Raja Perempuan Anis binti Tengku Abdul Hamid

  • Posisi Kerajaan : Pangeran Kelantan Malaysia

Foto Tengku Muhammad Fakhry :

tengku muhammad fakhry

Foto Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Dan Manohara Odelia Pinot :

Tengku Muhammad Fakhry Dan Manohara Odelia Pinot

Foto Manohara Odelia Pinot | YAM Cik Puan Temenggong :

Manohara Odelia Pinot

YAM Cik Puan Temenggong

Foto Tengku Muhammad Fakhry dan Saudara :

tengku muhammad fakhry

  • Yang Teramat Mulia Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail Petra (Tengku Mahkota Kelantan)

  • Yang Mulia Tengku Fa-iz Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail Petra (Tengku Bendahara)

  • Yang Mulia Tengku Fakhry Petra Ibni Sultan Ismail Petra (Tengku Temenggong )

  • Tengku Amalin ‘Aishah Putri Binti Sultan Ismail Petra

Chee-U .^_^.

Mohon maaf apabila ada kesalahan penyebutan gelar :)

sumber : | berbagai sumber