April 26, 2009

Karapan Madura

We do not know karapan (kerabhan) cattle. Spectacle compete muscle strength and speed of cattle in Madura, so enthralling. But who knows, a cow-calf was treated very brave contrary, spoiled once tortured?

Cattle karapan become the pride of the owners who will do anything to beef always rulead. Included in fondle them and make life so comfortable cow unbelievable. How not comfortable, if a cow has always clean rooms.
Of course, to the size of a cow, a room is always clean and free from dirt. Every time there is dirt removed immediately clear. Not only that, in the buttocks do not have a cow was tlethong, because diligent cebok. To be more comfortable again, an animal that flies or mosquitoes entering the room would be outcast by tokang obu, who paid a special treat for the cattle.

Tokang obu it also served to squeeze, turn and bathe cattle each day. Not infrequently cow-calf wherefore it up twice a day. “If not so, the cow-calf because of the heat that herbal medicine is a warm body,” said Salam, the owner of a cattle karapan.

Massage and running, he said, is that musculature cow is not rigid and blood flow smoothly. Each day of cow-calf was also removed from the cage dried. Not to mix medicine with 25 eggs grated turmeric, ginger, ginger, keyword, sugar, soda and beverages that are given twice a week.

However, all the pleasures that must be paid for cattle by chastisement run. Cow-calf is on the pain, and bleeding pantatnya. The red liquid drip due to nails scratching the jockey that is planted on the wooden handle, such as scars. Not only that. Eyes, buttocks, which injured, and around the anus hole smeared cow vinegar, chili, and balsam.

In addition to nail that is planted on a stick along about 15 centimeters, the part of the cow is tied with wood that also nails. When ran, tail, which are the wood fern fluctuates, and puncture the skin around the anus cow.

Cow-calf is visible cigarettes, legs shake and sniff repeatedly. No wonder if every pair of cow karapan must be held by many people to flee and not so vain.

In such conditions, it is not clear whether each pair of cow karapan, ran as muscle strength or because you want to drop from the pain. Can be so, the pair will diadu cattle several times. This means that the cow-calf will have to be painful treatment repeated. Without the burden of thought, so after the race, the owners of cattle directly heal the wound, although the action is a new cause pain. How, the injured oil drops, liquid containing alcohol and easily evaporate. Or drops of hot water mixed with salt. With liquids that wound believed to be dry and recover quickly.

Some cattle owners in the District Multan karapan actually agree with karapan without violence. Salam, the owner of cattle Son Se but Saleh, the owner of Pan Tossa and P Elma, the owner of Pan Abantal waves Asapok Wind states, they do not mind violence are eliminated.

“Origin is not using all the nails and other violence. If it is not unequivocal, the only use, not one, it can not, because that does not use nails would be injured,” said P Elma, residents Murtajih, Subdistrict Pademawu. According to a civil servant who was also at the New Creep East, Multan, in fact, not all cattle suitable to use violence. There is also a cow that would not flee if accountability moment. “Therefore, I agree if there are rules karapan cow does not allow the use of nails,” he said.

Cultural notes from stakeholders in Madura, torture is a culture of irregularities that occurred since the original owner involved the sharingl. Karapan which was held in a relaxed for entertainment after the harvest, changed into something that stretch. Especially after the stake involved.

Chairman of the Foundation for this Madduh, Multan, Madura, H Kutwa, acknowledge the deviations from the karapan. He hopes, karapan beef returned to the origin of the tradition that is far from the violence. “I also do not accept that karapan cow is the element of violence in animals. Even when I was small, there is no karapan using nails,” he said.

University Vice Rector I Madura (Unira), it Multan, said, the emergence of torture in cattle around the 1980s. It is estimated, the use of nails and other violence because of the severity of competition. “So how is also used exceeds the limit competition like that. Therefore, if what the best tradition of cattle karapan returned to the origin complain that only beef muscle strength,” he said.

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