April 26, 2009

Paedofilia, Sexual Crimes Need a skeptical

Healthy spiritual means health physical. But not on paedofilia, namely those who prefer the small children to wreak seksualnya appetite. Who are they ?

Sex consultant Dr Ferryal Loetan ASC & T SpRM MKes-MMR said, paedofilia are men or women interested in the hearts of adult sexual or with small children who have not yet indicate sexuality.
Ferryal said, paedofilia is a sexual aberration (and kejiwaan) on someone who has interest to children below the age. Paedofilia word is derived from the Greek term meaning paidophilia namely pais (child) and philia (love, friendship).

“People paedofilia not limited to one sex only. Generally, they are interested in children who have not yet entered puberty,” a doctor who practices at the Friendship Hospital, East Jakarta this.

He also said that many factors that can be the cause of the paedofilia. One of them, the sufferer is a person who has introvert or closed.

“People have this tendency paedofilia afraid to mingle with the people who contemporaneous with it. They will find the smaller and younger, so can be affected,” he said.

He explains, there is no age limit on people paedofilia. This means people can be aged just how, even further. People paedofilia not only experienced by those who do not have a partner. This can happen because the pair have already even have children. Ferryal states, the trend paedofilia many experienced men.

“Generally, a paedofilia have official. This is done so that other people do not suspect,” he said.

A paedofilia has several unique attributes, namely obsessive, a paedofilia will know all things related to the victims. Paedofilia also predatori namely the frontier will make all efforts to pursue and how victims of interest. The paedofilia in Indonesia, many using the mask adoption or foster parents to ensnare victims.

“A person who suffers paedofilia this kejiwaan usually have a less stable and easy to change. They do a variety of ways to achieve goals,” said the doctor graduated from the Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia.

Meanwhile, psychologists from the University of Indonesia, Zoya Dianaesthika Amirin MPsi or Amirin MPsi said Zoya, a paedofilia not able to have a true partner.

Because build interpersonal relationships with fellow adults can not afford. In addition, he stated, the average sufferer paedofilia young adults aged up to (more than 25 years).

Zoya also explains, paedofilia including paraphilia, or deviant sexual behavior. The cause because the failure occurred when the individual adjustment with the social environment, failed to build interpersonal relationships.

“Special people paedofilia, they have trauma or disappointed and can not coping (overcome), so choose the seksualitasnya individuals with a weak and easy learning as a small child,” said Zoya.

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